ICPS Students Take Part in Tree Planting

Concurrent with Tree Planting Day in Iran, Esfand 15 / Mar 5, some ICPS students took part in planting some trees in ICPS yard. In this ceremony, as well as some Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and ICPS professors and officials, Mr Aali, the Mayor of District 7 of Tehran Municipality, attended. A similar ceremony had been held last year and in this ceremony the students visited trees planted last year. Tree planting has an old history in Iran. The history shows that the ancient Iranians had specific ceremonies and celebrations in which they planted trees. They showed great respect for soil, trees and plantation. Tree Planting Ceremony is held in Iran on Esfand 15 every year and people plant trees in different parts of the cities and villages. This way they welcome spring and the new year. Tehran municipality provides many trees suitable for planting, for people of Tehran every year. The trees are free and planted in green spaces of Tehran