ICPS Holds Ceremony to welcome Nowruz and New Year

In the presence of Dr Haj-Jabbari, General Director of non-Iranian Students Department of the Ministry of Science, Dr Rabbani, Head of the Non-Iranian Students Consulate Section of the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, Dr Mohammad-Hossein Alavi, Dehkhoda Institute Educational deputy, and some professors, faculty members and instructors of Dehkhoda Institute and ICPS, a ceremony was held for ending of educational course, as well as welcoming Nowruz and the Iranian New Year, in Dehkhoda Institute Afshar Hall on Mar 12, 2017. In the ceremony, over 200 students from many countries including England, France, Australia, Germany, Russia, China, Japan and Poland got familiar with some Iranian traditions regarding Nowruz and Dr Hana Mehr talked on Iranian old traditions. Also, Dr Haj-Jabbari talked about Iranian universities and expressed the ministry interest in absorbing students from all over the world. In the end Glorification Documents were given to the educated students and the guests visited the Iranian arts exhibition outside the hall