Glorification Ceremony for Professor Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda and Dr Rasul Shayesteh Held at Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute

A ceremony to honor Professor Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda and glorify Dr Rasul Shayesteh, for his efforts as a researcher in Dehkhoda Persian Lexicon and the Great Persian Lexicon over 50 years, was held in Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute on Feb 23, 2007. Also a documentary named Naadereh-kaar, related to the life of Dr Mohammad Dabirsiaghi, a former researcher of Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute, directed by Manuchehr Moshiri was shown. In the ceremony, some scholars and academic faces were present, including: Dr Ali Ravaaghi, Dr Mohammad-Reza Shafiyi-Kadkani, Dr Mahdi Mahuzi, Dr Gholaam-Reza Sotudeh, Dr Reza Mostafavi and Dr Mohammad Shadrumanesh. In the beginning of the ceremony, Dr Ali Darzi, Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute Head, welcomed the guests and said that the Dehkhoda Persian Lexicon was the main resource of lexicography in the field of Persian language and no Dictionary could be independent of this source. He also referred to Dehkhoda’s efforts as a social reformist, journalist, social activist and researcher. Then Dr Mohammad Parvin-Gonabadi mentioned Dehkhoda as an smart person who knew needs of the society very well. Dr Hasan Anvari, Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute Researcher and compiler of Sokhan Lexicon talked about hard-working, exact and refined character of Dr Rasul Shayesteh. Also Dr Iraj Shahbazi, a faculty member of the institute, mentioned Dr Shayesteh as one of those scholars who talk and write far less than what they know. Then Dr Iraj Mehraki, Dr Tofigh Sobhani, Dr Sadri-Afshar talked and in the end of the ceremony a few gifts were given to Dr Shayesteh