Farkhondeh Aghaei, Contemporary Iranian Story Writer, Presence in Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and the International Center for Persian Studies

According to the Public Relations of Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute, Ms. Farkhondeh Aghaei attended a meeting with non-Iranian students of the International Center for Persian Studies and discussed with them her fictional works. Around 70 language learners of the Intermediate and Advanced levels, studying Persian at I.C.P.S., took part in this meeting and analyzed the writer’s short story, My Turtle, in Persian and they further discussed the symbols and signs in this story and the author’s other stories. Ms. Aghaei elaborated on her writing style, how she deals with issues, fiction subjects and creation of her stories. She has won a prize in the 7th Annual Press Writers and Critics Award. She got her BA in Administrative Management, in 1979, from Alzahra University, and her MA in Social Sciences, in 1987, from University of Tehran. She started working in the Central Bank of Iran in 1983.
In her stories, she mostly tells the issues and problems of the urban middle-class women. Some of her works are as follows:
A Collection of stories
• 1987 - Green Hills
• 1993- Little Secret
• 1997 - One Woman, One Love
• 2003 - Gypsum Cats
• 2000 – The Missing Gender
• 2007 - Learned from Devil and Burned