UT to Renovate Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute Garden

Prof. Mahmud Nili Ahmadabadi, UT President, visited Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and the International Center for Persian Studies on Nov. 15, 2017,accompanied by some vice-presidents and senior officials. In the visit, Dr Ali Darzi, Dehkhoda Institute Head, gave a report of the activities done in the institute and the center and then the two parts discussed current and future projects and a decision was made to renovate the Afshar foundation Garden (the endowed garden around Dehkhoda Institute) and to make it a cultural space. Also the officials talked about the program of the UT overseas agencies. In the end, they all visited the garden and UT president emphasized on paying attention to the beauty and efficacy of the new renovation plan and the two parts decided to begin the renovation activities in one month.