Famous Short Story Writer Gives Lecture at International Center for Persian Studies

As a guest in a part of ICPS Persian literature and language classes, Fariba Vafi, the famous Iranian short story and novel writer gave a lecture on Nov 8, 2015. In this session, some students from different countries asked questions about her writing style, published works, impact of other writers on her work, and impact of real people on the stories. Also a discussion was done about the short story collection “In the way of the villa”, given to the students before, to be read. Mrs Vafi was born in Tabriz in 1962. She has written some short story collections including: In the depth of the scene, Even when we laugh, In the way of the villa, all the horizon, and some novels including: My bird, Tarlan, The dream of Tibet, A mystery in the alleys, The monn gets full, After the end. She has won some literary prizes including: Best novel of the year for “my bird”, Third Round of Hushang Golshiri Prize for “my bird”, the second round of Yalda literary prize for “my bird”, and the sixth round of Hushang Golshiri best novel prize for the dream of Tibet along with the novel “the Four sufferings” by Moniroddin Beiruti.