Second Dehkhoda Lexicography Conference Held at Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute
On the occasion of the 60 th year after Professor Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda passing away, Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and ICPS hold the second Dehkhoda Lexicography Conference, as well as a ceremony to appreciate Dr Seyyed Mohammad Dabir-Siyaqi scientific and cultural works, on Feb 25, 2016. In the conference, Dr Heydar qamari, Dr Hasan Hashemi Minabad , Dr Iraj Mehraki, Dr Ali-Ashraf Sadeqi, Dr Taqi purnamdariyan , Dr Saaqar Sharifi amd Mrs Maryam Mirshamsi presented their articles. Then a session was held on evaluation of Grate Persian Lexicon (Under compiling at Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute) in the presence of the authors and Dr Shadrumanesh and Dr Safar-zadeh, as the critics. Then Mrs Akram Soltani, the conference executive director, gave a report.
In the Appreciation Ceremony for Dr Dabir-Siyaqi, held in the afternoon, some scholars talked about his works and scientific activities like his effect on Persian Section of Beijing University and his edition on Professor Dehkhoda’s works. They included: Dr Hasan Anvari, Mohammad-Ali Hazratiha, Dr Qolamreza Sotudeh, Mr Mir-Hashem Mohaddes, Mr Ali Dehbashi, Mrs Akram Soltani and Dr Hamid Aabediha. A number famous professors like Dr Shafiee Kadkani, Dr Tofiq Sobhani and Dr Qolam-Hosein Sadri-Afshar were in the ceremony