Definition of Foreign Personal  (for New Students).

Personal Status 

Passport Information 

Given Name:*     Passport Number:*    
Middle name            
Family name:*     Date of Issue:* //    
Date Of Birth:* //     Place of Issue:*    
Place Of Birth:*     Validity Of Passport:* //    

  (Fill other in question form)   

Religion/ Denomination:*    
Marital Status:*    
Number of Children:    
Phone number:*    
Mobile number:*    


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Important notes:
1. All new applicants are required to fill out the registration form, upload the data page of their passport and ID photo
2. Only group A applicants are further required to fill out the visa application form, CV and a copy of their graduation certificate or current student ID card.
3. After saving your data, a four-digit number will be given to you. You are required to send the number to Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute.